Startup Wind Step by Step Registration

Step 1

Open Startup Wind in a new tab and create an account if you haven't already, for School Name use "UC San Diego" and select Entrepreneur. 
If you already have an account, simply login, hover over to the eye, click on groups. Then, next to ' I want to see groups from' enter 'UC San Diego'. Scroll down and select the '2018 Business Plan Competition' group and click the 'Request to Join' icon. Skip to Step 3 if you already have done the step by step walkthrough process. 

Step 2

For those creating a new account, you will have a step by step walkthrough process to get set up. Feel free to follow other business plans, ideas, and people. Make sure to select your industry with United States as the location. Also, please add your role, your LinkedIn profile URL, and select your functional expertise with years in the industry. Now you are done with the Startup Wind walkthrough.  

Step 3

Next you will be on your dashboard and you will hover over the + icon in the upper right corner and select 'Idea'. Upload your idea logo, and fill in all of the sections before clicking 'Let's Go!'. You are only eligible if you fill in all of the sections. 

Step 4

Once you have created your idea, add a video under the 'Prototype' section. Click on ' New Prototype'  and insert the Name of the Prototype and the link to the prototype. Drag and drop the video on the image icon.  The submitted video should be a recording of your 90 second elevator pitch, quality of the video is not important (smartphone camera will work). If the file size is too large either compress with or upload to YouTube as a public/unlisted video to share the link.

Step 5

Invite ALL of your team members to create an account in Startup Wind by going back on your dashboard and selecting 'Invite Friends'.  They will receive an email requiring them to login or sign up in order to accept your invite. Under your Idea profile, you can click on the “Team” icon and followed by “Invite Team Members" to  find/add your team members (note they must have already created an account to be able to find them). They may now contribute to your idea profile.

Step 6

Download and Fill out the following application questionnaire (fillable) and upload it to your idea profile under 'presentation'.  Finally, select your 'Canvas Type' and fill out ALL the canvas sections. * All submitted materials will be used during the application selection process. Note that you are not eligible unless you have completed all of these steps. Now return to Applying instructions


Step 7