List of annual events

Below is a list of our annual events including our kickoff event, elevator pitch, workshop series, women in business, and our flagship BUSINESS PLAN Challenge 

Kickoff Event

Kickoff is the first event of the year for the foundation in October. The foundation brings in a distinguished guest speaker to discuss topics within entrepreneurship. It is also an event that we announce our yearly status update on our past Business Plan Competition Winners, introduce new team members at the Entrepreneur Challenge, announce application deadlines as well as upcoming events throughout the year.


Elevator Pitch (IGNITE Startup Conference)

The Elevator Pitch Competition is a smaller scale, lighthearted competition designed to inspire young entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. In 2016, it will be in conjunction with the IGNITE startup conference and will take place on February 22nd. The Event will be hosted at Price Center Ballroom with an audience of over 400 people. Teams involved will have a general development of their idea and craft a 90-second pitch to impress the panel of judges. Following up the competition will be workshops designed to improve the way you pitch your idea. Contestants can win up to $1000 for the First place prize. 


Workshop Series

The workshop series is designed to give both participants and members additional resources to aid in both their career and personal endeavours. The workshop series will take place after the Startup Conference from February to April.

It consists of a series of talks given by external entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals that cover a broad range of topics. Examples of these topics include to how to raise money from investors, business model generation, lean startup methodology, Intellectual property and how to pitch to win the Challenge.


Diversity in Startups

The foundation is proud to present diversity in startups as an event in conjunction with UCSD and community partners which takes place in the fall. The purpose of this event is to invite both women and men to create a dialogue on what being a woman/minority entrepreneur means and what challenges are overcome in the US and Globally. This event will also incorporate stories from successful women/minority entrepreneurs.

The Final Challenge

The Annual Business Plan Competition is the flagship event of The Entrepreneur Challenge. This event will be taking place on one night in May 2017 and will award the top three finalists for both Tracks, Tech & Innovation and Life Sciences Track. Each contestant will have 10 minutes to pitch their company to the judges and audience. The winner of each respective track will take home an estimated $60,000 in cash and kind services. Second and Third place will be rewarded as well with an estimated amount of $30,000 and $10,000 in cash and kind services respectively. Additionally, the audience will have the chance to choose The $1,000 Audience Choice Award. SemiFinals for the competition is open to all eligible teams and will be held in the middle of April 2017