Ideator Step by Step Registration

Step 1

Open Ideator in a new tab and create an account with you UCSD email address.

Step 2

Once you’ve created an account, click on the “My Ideas” tab and the press “Create an idea.” Next, fill in all four boxes: name, tagline, elevator pitch, and video. The submitted video should be a recording of your 90 second elevator pitch, quality of video is not important.

Step 3

Click on the “Team” tab and click “Invite Team Members.” Before inviting your own team members, make sure to add “TheEntrepreneur Challenge” and “Briana Wesisinger” as Advisors.  This step is crucial in order to have your idea reviewed for the application process. In the personal message write “For Competitions.” Then invite team members (only UCSD students) with their email addresses. They will receive an email requiring them to login or sign up in order to accept you invite. They may now contribute to your profile.

Step 4

Click on the “Overview” tab. *All information submitted here will remain private from anyone outside of your team and The Entrepreneur Challenge.*

Step 5

Scroll down to "Edit the Problem" and select and fill out every drop down and their subcomponents.

Step 6

Download and Fill out the following application questionnaire (fillable) and upload it to your Ideator account under the “Docs” tab. Next submit the required video under the "Docs" tab of your 90 second elevator pitch (no need for high quality video as it will be judged solely on the content). Optional to attach any relevant materials including: powerpoints, images, etc. These materials will act as supporting documents for the questionnaire. * All submitted materials will be used during the application selection process. Now return to Applying instructions