2018 Business Plan Challenge Application

Apply To Win Cash & In-Kind Services

***ALL workshops are mandatory to attend in order to be eligible to win any cash awards. If you miss a workshop, you can still compete but winning would only allow you to receive in kind service awards, no cash awards can be given to teams that don't meet full eligibility. For information about how to get an excused absence, please fully read document on step 1 of the application. You are responsible for doing reading the entire document. For questions: email cco@theefoundation.org***

General Workshops

(You must REGISTER to be eligible):

Workshop 2: Identifying Assumptions: Hacks for Presenting (DATE CHANGE)

 April 4th, 5:30-8pm: Register HERE

Location: WeWork - 8910 University Center Lane Suite 1100 

Reminder: Email BEFORE the event happens with absence reason

(even if you miss a portion you must email)  -

Read all of the application steps for full details or you might miss information. 

Track Specific Workshops

(must attend at least 1 for the track you plan on competing in):
April 10th, 5:30-7:30pm: Clean Tech
April 10th, 5:30-7:30pm: Life Tech
April 10th, 5:30-7:30pm: High Tech 

Locations TBD

Deadline to Apply EXTENDED: May 3rd , 2018

SemiFinals: May 5th. 2018

Final Event to be hosted on May 24th, 2018

Steps for Applying:

1.     Before applying, please read and sign THIS document regarding certain eligibility. Note that apply and competing does not entitle your team for prize money. You must satisfy all requirements before any awards are considered after the competition.

2.     Login or sign up on UC San Diego‚Äôs Startup Wind idea platform. Competition space is limited and all information submitted will be used in the selection process. All information will remain confidential and not be shared with anyone outside of your team or The Entrepreneur Challenge. Click on this link to get a step by step guide on how to submit your idea.

3.     Now that your profile is complete and you have clicked on 'Request Access To Join' under the group section of Startup Wind for the Business Plan competition, please email CCO@theefoundation.org to let us know that you are under the impression that you completed the application. Wait for an Entrepreneur Challenge member to review and verify your profile is complete. Regularly check your email address for additional information that may be needed for final approval of your application.

4.     You will be notified by April 17th whether whether you have been accepted into the semifinals happening on April 21st. 

Judging rubric for the SemiFinals can be found HERE. In addition, please take a look at the award breakdown for this competition HERE

*If you have any additional questions check out our FAQ or email CCO@TheEFoundation.org*

*Note: The finalists will be selected based on who is the best company/project and not based on if they are fully eligible for cash awards. If a team does not meet full eligibility (ex: they miss a workshop and it is not an excused absence), they will still able to compete to be a finalist but will not be able to received ANY cash awards but can still receive in kind service awards (DLA Piper Corporate Law services, Knobbe Martens IP Law Services, Coefficient Accounting Services, Google Cloud Services, etc).*

*The Entrepreneur Challenge reserves the right to refuse any teams from receiving awards*