The Entrepreneur Challenge at UC San Diego is designed to foster community involvement and technological innovation by bringing multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, scientists, and business-minded students together with local area entrepreneurs and professionals in order that they might shape the world of tomorrow by securing the health of San Diego’s economy today. 




We are positioned as the premiere student run business plan competition on the west coast. Being ideally centralized in a nation-leading technology hub spearheaded by UC San Diego, over 200 San Diego companies have been founded by faculty and alumni. This innovation is supported by a vibrant entrepreneurial community, which consistently provides the Entrepreneur Challenge with first class competitors. 

The E Foundation

The E Foundation is the non-profit entity that supports The Entrepreneur Challenge. It provides young entrepreneurs with the means and resources to achieve their goals and aspirations. In doing so as a non-profit, the foundation relies on sponsors that share the same perspective with regards to the ever growing entrepreneurship field. The honor and prestige that comes with building the footing of future large companies is unparalleled to the foundation. The E Foundation is extremely blessed to have sponsors that will help build companies for years to come. 

Giving to Give More


The E Foundation is the ideal charity to sponsor. Because of our high giving to expense ratio, the money awarded to these entrepreneurs helps them grow into large companies which allows them to give to other charities and continue the cycle. In order to do this, The E Foundation has partnered with Pledge 1% to encourage our contestants to take the pledge to give back to a charitable organization. This allows us to receive support from our winners, and it also helps other 501c3 organizations. By taking the pledge, our giving gives more. 


The Entrepreneur Challenge is a fully integrated entrepreneurial development program. Our goal is to provide aspiring student entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to both think logically and act practically to commercialize ideas. Our year-long educational program consists of engaging talks from the best and brightest entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors.

In addition to this program, we connect students with the professional services they need to succeed such as intellectual law firms, angel and venture investors, and a broad spectrum of successful business people in the community.

Our flagship events include our annual elevator pitch competition as well as the largest business plan competition in the San Diego Community. These competitions award the best companies turning them into successful businesses. This Challenges Student Entrepreneurs to Dream, Experiment, Iterate, and Persist.